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Jefe de cocina (Head Chef) 




Growing up in Vera Cruz Mexico, Roberto would join his grandmother in the kitchen and gather around her large table with family to enjoy lively Mexican feasts prepared from scratch. From his grandmother, he learned to respect fresh, authentic, ingredients and to create the vibrant flavors that turned family dinners into celebrated events.

Meanwhile, his restaurateur brother -owner of Pollo Feliz in Vera Cruz -imparted lessons in service and restaurant management. Roberto continued education in hospitality and culinary arts. His passion for cooking gave him the dream of one day owning his own restaurant and sharing his traditional Mexican cuisine with others.

"My family has always had a strong work ethic," he says.

"And I strongly believe that if you work hard, people will respect you."


In 2012, Roberto & Family opened up Fiesta Mexican Grill & Cantina in Oneonta NY. 




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